Monday, February 26, 2007


These are two most forbidden but most sought after words in a B-School atleast. Give it a thought and then analyze, is it really a crime to copy-paste???

You remember those most irritating words : “tere is dost ko dekh, uske kitne ache number aa rahe hai …kuch sikhta kyun nahi hai usse” …. Isnt it an early version of mild copy-paste in your life.

Then suddenly someday Ur Grandmother says that “Ekdam apne Paapa pe gaya hai..."…Unknowingly U have adopted the copy-paste funda or rather U had no alternative then to paste what was asked to copy ??? Hmm Bolo Bolo Tell Tell.

When choices were being made on choosing Professional career, decisions in many houses are just taken by saying….”Look how successful XYZ is, Beta I think (when they mean U have to) you should try this”

Anu Malik copy- pasted, he earned millions.

We adopt western culture and a lot of money is sanctioned by Govt. for the same, how different is it than Copy-Pasting.

Yes, I feel nothing is bad in Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V … There is no need at all to re-invent the wheel every time, use the available resources and then build on it. Yes, but it would be a shame if one just merely copy-paste someone else’s creation and add under his belt. So please acknowledge the source, try to build on the base… if we are able to do this I am sure conception of Tower of Knowledge would not be mere a dream.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Soccer @ Great Lakes

Germany v/s Italy & Portugal v/s France

‘Teams came in so many, but the winner is Germany’ ; ‘News in every Daily, World Cup is with Italy’; ‘Its only by Chance; that you can defeat our mighty France’ were the cries more louder heard in Great Lakes Camp off late.

Different Strokes committee in coalition with IT committee decided to extend the vacation mood, after lengthy negotiations with our Director finally it was decided that important matches will be allowed to be broadcasted in the campus on MEGA Screen.

First match on MEGA screen was the semifinal held between Germany & Italy…You bet when @ home I watched the Quarter Finals, but the real fun watching these world class matches is on Huge Screen amidst over enthusiastic crowd. Here @ Great Lakes campus the instruments used in cheering the respective teams were Bisleri bottles & empty cans for dolby effect.
Match Results : Italy & France will play the Finals
My Favorite : Excellent last minute goals scored by Grosso & Del Piero , abs fantastic goals .. If you didn’t watch it live, U missed it, no probs but U can chck 'em out against Zidane and his team.

All in all, the event was exciting, ekdam Dhammal. We @ Great Lakes were so many, that we didn’t miss being in Germany :-)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Home Fly Home

"With me, a change of trouble is as good as a vacation". I completely agree with David Llyod George's quote. Instead, I am one step ahead than him... I am truly going on a short but long awaited vacation. A vacation of 4 days, after the tiring sessions of exams .. Today we did away with philosoophy exam... Talking about the exam, the paper was so easy that I figured out what would be me contribution towards it in 5 minutes... that there is nothing which I could figure out of questions mentioned. While I checked first few questions and said to myself, ohh only this part probably I must have missed from that chapter, but proceeding further and after reading last question, I said .. Parag probably people conspired against you and gave you different text book to read... 'cos there was nothing except very few questions which I could relate with.

Its 2.21 a.m. ; I and Nitin are busy fiddling with Laptops in waiting lounge of Chennai International Airport, waiting eagerly for Air-India staff to announce about the flight for Mumbai... This time I decided to check out Air-India's domestic service ... Route domestic hai to kya hua ... Flight to International hai :-) ..

This 4 days break from our schedule has definately boosted the Tourism Industry; 'cos almost every crusader is travelling out of chennai.. Our Fundoo Dhammal group also after having loads of fun for entire day is all set to feel the walls of home sweet home, eat the most delicious Ghar ka always our group also has exception NP & AS (both are my roomies) are from Delhi, but one going to Mumbai and other to Pune; dont ask me why ?? simple fundaa .. responsibility towards future family .... hope the message is clear now...

Now, just waiting to ring the door bell of my Home & check out expressions of my Mom (its Surpriseee for them , I didnt tell them I am coming home).....

Monday, June 26, 2006

An Encounter ....

I had an encounter.. trust me ... Real Life Cops were also there , only difference was they were Traffic Policemen.........

After having a stomach full Lunch at Dhhaba Express & spending a Hot Chennai afternoon in an A.C. Mall (Spencer Plaza), I & Ashwin were returning back to college on Udhaar ka bike (courtesy: Divakar), the very urge to pay all the accumulated exxpenses we decided to check out an ATM & found the shortest route to reach the ATM, but believe me elderly people always say it right, dont take short-cuts in life & if literally taken they are right, 'cos that short-cut was full of traffic policemen, 'cos it was No-Entry. I dun know why the signboards like No-Entry are not visible before we are caught.

Now, we were asked to park the vehicle & talk to a senior policemen, the negotiation then begun... we both started in English, those guys hardly knew English & we hardly Tamil, so the negotiation was going nowhere, now we decided to resort to Tamil English. The conversation goes like this 'Sir, Studentsaaa.... , new to Chennai, only last week we came here, Sirrrr, we searching for ATM, one fellow told Take Left, we took left...(how obedient we are this shows)..
Sorry Sirrr, Next time no mistake.......

Inspite of all these statements he was not ready to settle the matter... only effect was price to pay was reduced from 100 to 50, then again we started....' Sir, No Money (I showed him my wallet, which was srsly moneyless) , we like your children Sirr, Studentsss Sir Plssssss....'
I believe by now we had done our job, he was quite convinced & freed us...

The Underlying concept was... Now that we have spent 5 Lakhs for learning Funda's from our MBA course... we would not end up spending even a rupee as a compensation for poor negotiation skills.....

A Nightful of Adventure

Have you ever heard of phrase ‘ Bhagwaan Jab Deta hai to Chappar Phaad Ke’; the same was the case with all Great Lakers (especially S3 guys) yesterday . 1st khushi was the series of tests & xams almost got over, Saturday – Sunday’s lectures got cancelled , no pre-reading for weekends, weekends full dhammal, & the countdown for 29th (day to leave for home) has begun. To celebrate all this as usual our so called Fundoo Dhammal group decided to party, now that it was raining , venue decided was Sandeep’s house.

Now, that it was in-house party, the message was clear, that Spirits would flow tonight & so did it happen. We all reached the venue, before the guy who was responsible to get bottles knocked on the door, everyone (excluding me) checked out the parcel, whether he got enough stock to last for night or not… and that was the list minute silence was felt in that house.. ‘cos the Chaos after that could put to shame a Sony’s hi-fi music system.. I mean the decibel level was beyond comprehension.

Bottles were opened, after two rounds, the Josh went high … One could truly witness the so called Cause – Effect relationship. The Cause – One guy (KB) cried out his soul, typical senti songs & the Effect – the entire group present there turned into Orchestra , which further lead to Dance party, no special song required then , the spirit content was high enough that even if the News is put on , this would seem to be as musical as any other Dance Number.

Pizza was ordered on special request by Veggies from Dominos, the Pizza affair turned out to be the most rather only economic order that night, rather I think Nature tried to balance out the expenses, ‘cos the Pizza guy arrived late and in presence of all these wild guys do U think that delivery boy could have argued .. Right…No Way..

Friendship Peg was filled in by APS, the Peg seemed to me as Baap of all Pegs.. I happened to ask him .. whether it is called Friendship Peg or Suicide Peg ??
The peg then was passed from one end of circle to another… The same was then repeated, but this time the glass was replaced by bottle … fun to witness it..

Next event was to have Dinner, major event than Dinner was to bring everyone at one place ‘cos everybody was in their own masti.. the noise level was high, everybody understood the concern of Host, as how he would face his landlord again.. and just to solve this problem of his everybody started to explain each other that SShhh… Pls dun make noise .. and eventually they ended up creating more chaos….

Memorable Moments :

  1. NP’s .. 1 minute … & his dialogue .. U want to drank then drank, but tomorrow dun tell I din drank….
  2. AJ’s .. Chhota bhai stunt .. Chhote bhai ki baat nahi manega kya ??
  3. NP, KB & RS giving back to nature what they had from it. (hope ppl present in the party understood what I mean).
  4. KB going missing in the night.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mission Impossible

Hey, hold on .. I m not talking about any of my assignments or tests ... Mission Impossible is all bout the movie I saw tonight.. MI 3 .. awesome one ('cos I have not yet paid for the same). Finished up wid my xams & assignments (long time pending) today, so decided to freak out.. Now that I am away from all so called Moh - Maya , so decided to watch a movie instead of visiting the most frequented Beasant Nagar beach. The movie selected was MI 3 .. theatre - Sathyam ...

The actions shown in the movie were ekdam fundoo.... after watching them my weird mind started thinking in Tom Cruise way but in Desi style.. that if in any of the lectures U just miss the time the Lecture would start, all doors get locked from inside, no one allowed to enter the hall.... U reach there , doors locked, but want to attend the lecture desperately, 'cos this would be the last lecture you could afford to miss, and if missed U are out of college.. U know this fact .. and U decide to get in .. and then Bang !!! two windows broken and I am in .. ( pls dun forget to humm the MI theme) .. kaisa laga ??

One more thing movie made me think about my college .. Tom's Visit to Shanghai... every Great Laker ( 14 Great Lakers were spotted in theatre) just freaked out 'cos these days we could very well relate ourselves with China ( we have chinesse as credit course) ....

I m impressed with the technology used so much that to make a difference I am planning to join Mumbai Police now :-) ....

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

On A Lighter Note

Term1 is about to get over now... done with 3 paper .. 2 still to go... just viewed the blog... long time, no post... so decided what can be done best in this very little time.. so resorted to the best available option... 'copy' ; 'paste'....... just posting a Joke .. hope it relaxes U a but, 'cos it worked for me atleast....

Read This :

A High School Boy once found a book in the school library whose cover read "HOW TO HUG" was delighted to take it home.
On opening it, he was disappointed to discover it was volume seven of an encyclopedia.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

No Smoking Zone

“Smoking Kills” - sooner you realize this fact is better for you and society.

I know why ur brows are raised up & u about to say ‘Look who’s talking’, but for all you guys who” not aware of my stint, this is for you… “Its been 3 weeks today … HATTRICK !!!” that I have quit smoking.. and I wish I get the opportunity to celebrate HATTRICK in terms of months , years & decades….hey do pray for the same…. I would like to use this forum to thank Priyanka, for motivating me enough to take this decision .. Thanks Yaar…

Also , 1 more thing to share .. Our Entrepreneurship Development committee’s first entrepreneur venture of starting Amrit da Dhaba in our college campus will successfully complete 1 week today, sahi na….

Hey guys pls do spread the word about ill- effects of smoking and request people around you to give up with this habit, as it does no good to individual and society on whole….